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User ID is usually your Agent ID. Contact your manager if you do not know your Agent ID. Look it up on your last agent statement, or try the default format below.

The default format of your Agent ID is the initials of your first and last names, followed by the last four digits of your Tax ID on file, which could be a SSN or EIN. For example, AB1234.


If you don’t know your password, try the last six (6) digits of your Tax ID. Once you are logged in, you’ll be asked to change your password. Please make sure that you have a valid email address before proceeding.

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Click here after you specify the User ID. Your password will be sent immediately to your email address on file.

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Feel free to chat with our live support if you have trouble with this website. Note that the support staff will not be able to look up your password for you. Please use the link above to obtain your password.

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